Our Team

Steve Cheta

Licensed Realtor

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (778) 329-9966

In my teens I realized I needed to do my own thing when it came to work. I needed to feel like I started something from the ground up and made it successful. At that time I found a niche for car audio and security, so, I took a few courses, followed some veterans in the business around and eventually started my own car audio company, “Back II Boom Custom Installations”. This first entrepreneurial venture set the ball rolling.

During my college/university years I had worked for many multi-national companies in various different positions and rolls; customer service, sales, marketing, accounting and managing. I’ve taken over a failing pizza restaurant and re-established it as one of Vancouver’s top gourmet pizza joints, “Unforgettable Pizza”. While running my installation company and the pizza restaurant I also was managing Best Buy. Shortly after I discovered the potential in the wireless industry and planted myself as one of the top sales agents in “Wireless Wave”. After a few years of learning how the wireless industry works, I found myself itching to be part of something more. I started searching for something, realizing the vast opportunities the mobile industry offers. After research and inquiries I found myself in Montreal, talking over the future of Celluland in British Columbia and how I can be part of that and make it happen. One year later, myself and two partners have become the Master Franchisors of British Columbia.

Throughout my business years I have had the opportunity to buy and sell many different types of real estate. Commercial properties to investment homes as well as business sales, are just few of my personal transactions.

With my vast array of knowledge and most of all experience I feel the Team at Sutton PM along side with myself would be the perfect fit for you to become successful in your real estate journeys.