Strata Management

Our managers handle all of your Strata property needs, and ensure a bottom line result to protect your investment and give you time for what really matters. We deliver creative and progressive solutions by utilizing software tools, established systems, and collective experience to improve you the operation of your Strata Corporation. We know that good relationships are fostered by keeping the channels of communication open. We’ll make sure you are provided with the best advice, your real estate investment is well maintained, and all within your community are attended to.

We're here for You

Our property managers may be contacted in person, by email or by telephone. We will respond before the end the business day, and usually within four (4) business hours.

We have personnel available to attend to your call should it be an emergency.

Our after-hours services ensure no matter the time of the emergency, especially outside of normal business hours, we are able to respond and take actions as necessary to ensure protection for your property and peace of mind.

We’ll provide our owners and council with comprehensive reports the following business day of the after-hours emergency and actions already completed as well, a summary of actions to follow.

We Care

We’re passionate about providing the best level of service to our clients. Each and every day we strive towards the goal to provide the very best to our clients by making sure our staff provide quality of service to each client contact.

We are committed to improving every aspect of the services we provide through each component and capability of our organization.

This is accomplished by continually training, educating, and communicating to our personnel as well with our clients.

A Technological Advantage

Our clients benefit from a software package where a history is recorded for all events related to individual units and the entire building. A comprehensive history may be retrieved from the time the building is a client of ours.

Access to relevant documents such as current meeting minutes, account statements, notices, consultant reports, service contracts, bylaws, rules, and letters of correspondence is available through the software package. We provide each individual owner accessibility through an App which may be installed on PCs, Laptops, or mobile devices.

This App will allow service requests, additional key/FOB orders, move in/out bookings, or amenity room reservations to be made directly online.

Financial Report Accessibility

Our software systems permit us to process all payables and maintain records online in a safe and secure manner. This permits our property managers and accounting staff to easily monitor and control the progress of payment for payables as well retrieve payment records, including invoice copies. This provides an enhanced level of control.

We'll Save You Money

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and built a number of relationships with suppliers of services and goods where savings are realized through volume purchasing. Our clients benefit with those cost savings and higher level of service.

The Heights, a 37 unit condominium and commercial retail mixed use development, has been well-managed by Sutton Select Property Management Ltd. for a number of years. Their property management team has been an invaluable asset to our strata council by always providing sound professional management advice. We enjoy residing in an extremely well maintained building, paying reasonable strata fees with a healthy contingency reserve fund. As a strata council we are pleased to provide Sutton Select Property management with the highest of possible recommendations. In the past couple of years we have undertaken a few major capital projects that all ran smoothly, on-time and under budget – thanks to Sutton Select for the hands on management!
Strata Council
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