Strata Management North Vancouver

Sutton Select Property Management & Realty takes pride in being one of the most trusted North Vancouver Strata Management companies. We strive to maintain our excellent customer satisfaction rating through our pro-active programs, innovative solutions and wide networks of partners.

With the rise of business parks, high-rise properties and concrete towers, many purchasers are on the lookout for a credible property manager. Whether you own a condominium, a townhouse or any other strata property, you can trust us in managing it. We use our expertise to help clients with all their compliance requirements but also in steering them away from any potential problems.

Residential Strata Management Services

Sutton Select Property Management & Realty helps residential property owners in North Vancouver live stress-free by taking over the tedious tasks that come with owning strata properties. Our portfolio includes residential properties like condominiums, apartments, low-rise buildings and townhouses. We help clients get more personal time as we deal with all the day-to-day activities like management, administration and accounting. If there ever comes a time where there are legal issues that need to be resolved, we have skilled and competent lawyers that are ready to help.

In the case where repairs, maintenance and further developments are needed for the property, we have a network of professional contractors that will give us the best rates. We want our clients to get the best return of investment on their properties, so we do our best to save them money in every way possible. This also includes taking care of insurances to avoid unwanted expenses in the future.

We make all data available to the client through our record-keeping software which gives clients access to all relevant information including reports, notices, statements and many other important info. You can also request to get the information that you need through mail or email. If you need to discuss something urgent, we would also be glad to talk to you on the phone.

Commercial Strata Management Services

We work with different types of commercial properties including development lands, office buildings, mix-use properties, shopping malls and retail plazas. We have a committee of commercial property managers that will help you handle customer relations such as answering queries, handling complaints and dealing with emergency situations. Our managers also monitor building systems and create maintenance plans.

And just like how we do it with residential properties, all documentation is made available to the clients through the online portal. We share every detail with the client including contract summaries, expenditures and any depreciation report. Income from commercial properties will also be collected on behalf of the client and transferred electronically on a monthly basis.

Our Management Services

Sutton Select Property Management & Realty is an expert in residential and commercial strata management. Our decades of experience help us make the best decisions for our clients’ properties. We have been in the business long enough to know which strategies work and which don’t. And we can assure you that we only implement systems that will work for today’s properties.

As one of the top industry leaders, Sutton Select Property Management & Realty never stops doing research. We want to always be in the loop on every problem that arises in the real estate industry. This way, we can prepare for any issue that can impact our clients.

Nevertheless, it is the people who trust us enough to create a partnership with us that help us stay on top of the industry. This includes clients, employees, realtors, contractors, suppliers, and our many other valuable contacts.

Building Management

We understand how valuable your physical assets are, which is why we only implement the best strategies in managing your buildings. We have reliable building managers consisting of administrators, account officers and maintenance specialists that make sure owners can have more personal time on their hands.

Financial Management

Financial management is one of the most complex parts of owning a property. However, with Sutton Select, the whole process will be easy and smooth sailing. We provide clients cost analysis reports and we also help them with budgeting. Our financial reports and annual audits keep clients updated on the status of their properties.

Administrative Services

Sutton Select Property Management & Realty’s administrative assistance includes conducting property inspections and creating reports for clients. We make all important data easily available to you through various methods like software tools, emails and regular mail. We also maintain clients’ customer relations by being the frontlines who attend to the needs of homeowners and tenants.

Areas of North Vancouver We Service

North Vancouver has a continuously growing real estate market. With that, we are pleased to share that our services are now available in these areas:

  • Deep Cove
  • Lower Lonsdale
  • Lynn Valley
  • Dundarave Village
  • Edgemont Village
  • Horsehoe Bay
  • Ambleside

We have a proven client satisfaction rating in every area that we service. Our decades of experience shows in every property that we manage, whether it’s a residential property or a commercial asset. The great thing about having Sutton Select manage for you is that we will help you organize your finances. This will help you visualize your income properly and help you get a better understanding on the return of your investments.

Why Choose Us

Our 30 years’ worth of experience gives us a technical edge in the industry. We know the industrial demand in Metro Vancouver and we continue to do market research to stay up to date. So, if you are looking for property management associations in the area, Sutton Select Property Management & Realty is your best choice. Not only do we put our hearts and minds on the business, we are also trained to have a solid sense of accountability. Sutton Select prioritizes strong ethics and we intend to keep it that way.

Moreover, we are comprised of people with diverse skill sets, from lawyers, financial experts, skilled managers to experienced accountants. Sutton Select Property Management & Realty is run by a collaborative team whose team effort makes the company one of the industry-leading Strata Management companies in the country.

Contact us to get a free quote, market evaluations and appraisals for your property.