Strata Management Burnaby

Sutton Select Property Management & Realty prides itself as a premier Strata Management company that has proven client satisfaction, industry-leading innovation, pro-active building management programs, strong supplier & contractor partnerships, and core ethics cornerstones of a successful property management company.

We provide professional assistance with comprehensive Strata management services for both Residential and Commercial properties.

Many Burnaby property owners are looking for reliable & responsive Strata Management due to the rise in sales of condominiums, townhouses, and apartments.

We will ensure that all your Strata Corporation’s compliance requirements are being met. Our years of expertise in the protection of property investments is vital to your financial security.


The most important decision that owners can make for their real estate assets is choosing the right company to manage it.

Our Residential Property Management service in Burnaby gives you peace of mind and helps to make ownership seamless and hands-free while meeting all the residents’ needs.

Homeowners are relieved of the burden of time, commitment, legal knowledge of leaseholds, leasing details, legislature, Insurers, and tenant management.

It is our job to assess tenant qualifications, manage your property, and closely track local market trends that can impact your investment.

We oversee the management and leasing of single-family homes, townhouses, multi-family developments, low-rise buildings, and condominiums.

Our team will provide the best return on investment by looking for credible tenants to minimize vacancy and turn-over. Our online marketing strategies and advertising are proven to attract quality tenants. We have a comprehensive screening process which includes but is not limited to credit checks, and background verification to ensure a problem free tenancy. We will check on the condition of the property before and handle all documentation at move-in and move-out. Our agents also will periodically check on the property to ensure the continued care and maintenance is kept to a high standard.

Expenses and funds will be handled in a timely and cost efficient process as we manage the issues from observation or report, quote & coordination of the repairs required.

Monthly financial reports are available through an owners’ portal and can be sent via email or by regular mail, keeping you updated on the financial condition of your residential property. Our property managers on your behalf will make payment of property tax and the pursuit of arrears.

Our services include look after all aspects of management with tenant’s security deposits, required deductions, return of funds, and required interest calculations for the term the deposit is held.

Proceeds from your income property will be disbursed to your bank account on a monthly basis electronically.


We provide Commercial Management services, and they include the following:


We take care of all maintenance requirements of your commercial property. Our collaborative team of specialists has a technological advantage with proven maintenance plans that monitor all building systems, including elevators, fire alarms, and emergency and evacuation plans.

We develop annual operating budgets to forecast income expectations while ensuring enhancement of value for your investment property asset.


We manage all the details between the landlord and the tenant. All tenant inquiries, concerns and emergencies are managed by our Property Managers and support staff.


You can choose to participate with insurance programs available through multiple vendors we leverage our relationship with, where the highest standard coverages are made available with incredibly low rates. Our managers are always available to provide advice on the best practices to utilize in management of the property insurance policy.

Our Strata Management Burnaby Services

Our 30-year experience has given us the expertise to handle all your Strata property (Commercial) needs.

Financial Management

Our experts help in preparing your operating budget, cost analysis, expenditures, and maintenance fees. We ensure special levies, maintenance fees, and monies owed are collected on behalf of the Strata Corporation. We will receive, screen, and remit all accounts payable. Any applicable bylaw infraction fines and liens against delinquent tenants are pursued for collection. When required, we have a team of lawyers available to aid with provision of legal advice and actions as necessary to ensure recovery of funds outstanding. Financial statements are prepared monthly enabling owners to stay updated to the financial health of their investment.

Administrative Services

We provide creative solutions through software tools,. Owners can access relevant documents such as minutes, bylaws, rules, account statements, and letters of correspondence. Our office works hard to be environmentally friendly and one such way is to be as paper-free as possible. Our systems provide an ability to manage documents electronically and are readily accessible when needed while remaining in compliance with record keeping requirements.


Our Property Managers attend all General Meetings and Council meetings, including the preparation and distribution of meeting agendas & minutes. We assist with drafts of annual budgets, capital planning, maintenance fees, any special project assessments, and Contingency Fund Reserves.

Site Management

We perform regular site inspections and manage on-site employees and contractors.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our agents aid in obtaining quotes for repair work that is required and advise on repairs and maintenance needed. Our clients benefit from preferred vendor and contractor rates as result of working with our property management agency.

Building Management

All buildings benefit from professional Strata Management. Large or small, we can provide a management plan that suits your specific needs. We work with the owners to the property to ensure the building’s continued value preservation and improvement through comprehensive capital plans, operating budget, and pro-active preventative maintenance plans.

Areas of Burnaby We Service

The City of Burnaby is the third-largest in British Columbia, and we are pleased to offer our Strata Management services to all Commercial and Residential clients in the City.

Here is a complete list of areas we service in Burnaby:

East Burnaby

  • East Burnaby
  • Edmonds
  • The Crest

North Burnaby

  • Brentwood Park
  • Capitol Hill
  • Cariboo
  • Central Burnaby
  • Government Road
  • Lake City Industrial
  • Lochdale
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Vancouver Heights
  • Westridge
  • Willingdon Heights

South Burnaby

  • Big Bend
  • Buckingham Heights
  • Burnaby Hospital
  • Burnaby Lake
  • Deer Lake Place
  • Forest Glen
  • Garden Village
  • Highgate
  • Metrotown
  • Oaklands
  • South Slope
  • Suncrest
  • Upper Deer Lake

Why Choose Us

Managing property is our passion. We take pride in building mutually beneficial relationships with clients and suppliers. Our Property Managers work hard to ensure owners benefit from services provided by vendors and contractors as it’s our belief those are a reflection of brand.

Our team is comprised of professionals that service homeowners and investors resident and non-resident in British Columbia. Our mission is to be the best full-service Real Estate services company in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Our more than 30 years of experience in Property Management has enhanced our expertise in providing the best solutions for all real estate needs. We provide Strata Management, Rental Management, Commercial Services, and Purchase or Sales of Properties.

We would be pleased for the opportunity to manage your Strata Corporation.Contact us today so we can provide your custom designed Strata Management proposal!