Changes to the Strata Property act

On December 12, 2013, British Columbia brought into force legislative amendments that will enable strata corporations with majority support to apply to the BC Supreme Court to make

it a requirement that the ownership pay to have necessary repairs completed.

The court can now issue an order to proceed with certain critical repairs that will ensure safety and prevent significant loss or damage as if the owners have passed a resolution endorsing a special levy.

The Strata Property Act required a ¾ vote to impose a special levy to raise money needed to repair common property. The aforementioned amendment to the Strata Property Act now enables strata corporations previously unable to achieve the ¾ vote threshold, even though there are a majority of owners in favour of the levy, to have the work completed.

I have seen first-hand the frustration a majority group of owners in a strata corporation experience when they are unable to proceed with repairs required to common property as a result of a smaller group of opposing owners. This change to the Strata Property Act is welcomed as it will assist majority groups of owners in strata corporations to complete required repairs to common property without being further delayed or frustrated by a few owners who oppose.

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