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Sutton Select Property Management & Realty

Welcome to Sutton Select – The leading real estate services and property management Burnaby firm serving the Metro Vancouver area. Our team of hardworking and dedicated property managers and real estate agents, offer tailor-made supports for all clients looking to diversify their portfolio through investments in residential and commercial properties in freehold, leasehold and strata titled properties.


What Our Clients Say

“During my tenure as a chairperson and as a member of various strata councils and as an individual owner of suites managed by Sutton Select PM, I find the level of service provided by the friendly staff of Sutton Select PM. to be simply outstanding. Very efficient, effective and timely attention to all matters concerning all of our properties”- Joseph C. – EPS 1772

Select The Gold Standard

Sutton Select is founded with solid principals for delivery of outstanding service to all clients. We have quality people with extensive industry knowledge who are responsive to clients supported by superior support systems.

Our priority is to attend to your needs with the best class of care and attention. Select the gold standard.

About SSPM&R

SSPMR is the top choice for homeowners, investors, commercial property owners and strata corporations searching for the best company providing realty services and strata management. Through the use of the latest technology, personalized relationships, established systems and thorough market research, we manage your properties while maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

Our Metro Vancouver Property Management and Real Estate Services

From finding your dream home to securing high value commercial properties and lucrative rental agreements, we work with you at every step of the way to keep your investment safe, maximize your returns and keep risk exposure to a minimum. Our services are backed by professional licensees, compliant with all industry practices and are enhanced with years of experience in closing complex property deals within the shortest time frame.

Real Estate Sales

Our office listings include a vast collection of single-family and multifamily homes, apartments, condominiums and other properties. We have a team of real estate experts to help you find your dream home, well within your budget, and provide all assistance related to great contracts of purchase and sale, necessary documentation and professional assistance in making sure we negotiate the best transaction for you on the property you most desire.

Metro Vancouver Rental Management

We have a robust online program that allows investors to access all information relating to their property accounts anytime, anywhere. This helps them stay up-to-date with on-site inspections and detailed records on any work performed. Our systems provide ability for tenants to communicate with us through online portals should they choose, or more conventional methods of telephone and email which ensures continued care of the property with quick resolution to inquiries or concerns.

Our systems maintain records so we’re able to remain proactive in the maintenance management of your rental property. The net result is a forecasted operating budget that offers the best course of action to protect your investment. Most importantly, our systems enable our agents to ensure maximum return on your rental investment by making sure the rents charged are competitive.

Other areas we service include, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Langley, North and West Vancouver and Burnaby. Read more about our rental management services.

Strata Management

We believe in creative and proactive solutions to enhance your investment value and improve your returns, while building a lasting professional relationship with you. Our property managers are available any time of the day and can easily be contacted via phone or email. With real-time reporting on payables, invoices and other records and 24/7 access to all property-related documents, we offer the greatest financial and technical edge for all property investors at a competitive price. Read more about our strata management services.

Commercial Property Management

Striking an effective leasing deal and collecting rent on your commercial property is only feasible with the help of accurate accounting and reporting systems. SSPMR has a team of qualified and competent commercial property managers to help you locate financially sound tenants for your property, enter into profitable leasing agreements and comply with all local regulatory and compliance requirements. Read more about our commercial management services.

Our Team

SSPMR is guided by a team of licensed professional brokers, realtors, lawyers, tech specialists and entrepreneurs. They bring together a combined experience of over fifty years of service. Combining modern and sophisticated tools and technologies with a professional and friendly atmosphere to provide comprehensive step-by-step guidance to our clients is what we do best at Sutton Select PM & Realty. Learn more about our team of property managers and realtors.

Why Choose Us?

Property management in Vancouver is a difficult task. As an investor, you need to stay abreast with the latest national and jurisdictional laws. The property market itself is volatile and prices tend to change quickly. In addition, the ever-changing legal requirements mean more documentation and procedural tasks for the investor.

Sutton Select makes things easy, efficient and hassle-free while maximizing investment returns. We deploy a range of software tools to assist our clients look for the best property, minimize risk exposure, enter into profitable lease agreements and negotiate for the right bargain price.

Our Service Areas

We are situated in Burnaby, BC and deal in all residential and commercial properties in and around the following areas:

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about our services or would like to request a property management Vancouver proposal, simply send us an email at [email protected] or feel free to give us a call at (778) 329-9966!

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  • Real-time access to financial reports at all times
  • Complete preparation and timely filing of all property-related documents
  • On-going support and legal, technical and financial assistance
  • Proactive management programs
  • Economies of scale through cost-savings
  • 24 Hour – 7 days per week Emergency services response
  • Properly screened and financially sound tenants
  • Regular inspections to property
  • Detailed work reports
  • Tailor-made support and assistance
  • Every owner is a priority
  • Financial reports and information available in real time.
  • Pro-active management programs