Key Criteria for The Best Metro Vancouver Property Manager


Contracting a good property manager can be a challenge. There’s a number of key items the property manager you’re considering should perform for you. ...Read More

Sutton Select PM Movement Course
suttonpmm     You ask for it and its here... Better and ready to rock!! The Sutton Select Movement course is back and ready to rock yet again. Sutton Select announces our 3 week - 3 session training seminar all about real estate sales. ...Read More
Improve Your Return on your Rental Purchase – Real Estate Investing

Key to Rental Property in Vancouver

A savvy investor will constantly seek ways to improve the return on their investment.

There are properties that will generate an opportunity to realize a double-digit “cash-on-cash return” (which is the net annual cash flow from the ...Read More

Depreciation Reports – Money Matters
depreciation-report Depreciation Reports contain a significant amount of information. A common challenge is to determine what to do with the information from the Deprecation Report and to determine how to fund maintenance programs and major renewals. It is ultimately the responsibility ...Read More
Back to Basics – Real Estate Investing
investment Always on a quest to increase your income? You've probably wondered whether owning a rental property is a good way to get it. After all, the yield on fixed-income investments is at an all-time low and stock dividends aren’t much better. Adding a residential income property ...Read More
Changes to the Strata Property Act
law-1 On December 12, 2013, British Columbia brought into force legislative amendments that will enable strata corporations with majority support to apply to the BC Supreme Court to make ...Read More